Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hey it's June....say whaaaat?


sosososo SOOOOOO much has happened.

…..okay maybe not that much. But YET SO MUCH! First off…I have started working full-time at Augenblick Studios!! :D I am working as a Production Assistant for the last couple weeks and so far has been fun experience! Golan the Insatiable, the show that I interned for at Augenblick back in Oct - February has finally aired on television and I got to experience seeing my name on TV credits for the first time ever! 

The studio had a premiere party and it was amazing to sit and watch how the show came together with the entire team watching. It’s such a fantastic feeling, to have been a part of the show, and I feel extremely blessed to be working full-time with the awesome peeps at Augenblick!

Other than the big news in my career mah-jig, I have also been apartment hunting in NY and soon to be moving into Brooklyn! Plus I have been working with friends on the side on a small project….that I can’t talk about at all! ;D

So between all this excitement I haven’t had a lot of time to work on personal work, which I feel terribly about because it makes me feel so uncreative and extremely tired (my current commute is 4 hours back/forth everyday U__U; ) However, I look at the work I am doing with Augenblick Studios, and the work I am doing with my friends and I feel so thankful... because I think back to my time as a Sophmore at SCAD praying that I’d be working at Augenblick, and wishing to be drawing/ and animating characters for a living. And though I am still really early in my career, I thank God that I have been able to get this far, and allow me to be living my dream! In the beginning it was tough. It still is pretty tough, but I know that it is all worth it!

I don’t know if anyone reads this, but thanks for reading. It’s kind of mushy but it’s really how I feel. Aaaaaand now I lost my train of thought….forgot what I started typing for! XD So I guess I post some stuff I’ve worked on in May! (Oh I just remembered that I graduated from SCAD a year ago last week….it seem so surreal to see the juniors before me now entering the industry! I’m SUPER proud of them!!)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pudding can't feel the emptiness inside me....

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Maybe I'll double post this month to make up for not posting April.

Two years ago I designed this character Senor Sarasoza for my Character Animation Course at SCAD.

He was based off of my roommates goofy high school sex-ed teacher and the assignment was to lip-synch a character to a vocal clip. I really liked the character I designed but I ended up animating my character Pyro Pup for the assignment, and never went back to this idea.

But now, two years later, I found the old design and the old sound clip I chose, and decided I'd do a quickie lip-synch:

Work in Progress.

Monday, March 23, 2015

It's finally Spring!!

And it's still freezing here in NYC...

It actually snowed the first day of Spring which made everyone crazy!! Then the next day was 50 degrees of sunshine, melting away all the snow as if it had never happened.

I posted about my internship with Faculty last month, and the work hasn't held back. That is to say this month has been incredibly busy in the studio, specifically the project I'm on. We are supposed to finish by the end of the month so we've been pulling a lot of over-time hours. I even had to go in last Saturday to work! So between that and doing commissioned work I BARELY had time to do art for myself. But work is supposed to settle down pretty soon so I may be able to do more work of When Pigs Fly and other ideas I had rolling in my sketchbook during my commutes...


Here are some random doodles I have in my March folder:

less bad doodles to come

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I gotta "BRAND" it to yah!

Sorry for the terrible terrible pun.....hopefullly I'll think of another title later  U__U;
So I haven't posted in about a month. I have been meaning to, but I've been really busy at my full-time internship with Faculty NY. They are a small studio in Dumbo, NY and I like working with the people there! The commutes a little long and I don't really have enough time to do anything but work and sleep XD But before I had no time to myself I did manage to re-brand myself & update the look of my promotional material!

Check out my Demo Reel :D

For a few years I have been exploring different designs that I felt represented who I am and the type of art that I like to do. Back in my 2012, before I took any sort of professional development class, I created this mess of a business card:

I loved the idea of having a silhouetted character as a logo, because silhouettes are a HUGE  part of character design and  I wanted to include idea in my branding. However this is before I knew anything about Typography or print design, so it's a very horrible looking mess! But I wanted to go back to this idea of a simple red/black/white design with a silhouette Alligator as my logo, because this was the first iteration of the way I felt about myself as an artist, so it has this raw, unaltered feeling of self for me.

But of course I couldn't use this little guy as my logo, as cute as he is, because he was designed out of naivete, so I decided to update him. But before I did any sketching I did a small branding exercise to understand who I am and what type of personality I want to come off with my logo which can be view here:

Then after making that list, I started sketch a bunch!:

I absolutely wanted to get a nice curvaceous croc look in the design and wanted to have nive positive and negative space. I remember being really inspired by the Talking Animals Studio logo

Profile picture for Talking Animals
....after drawing a bunch of alligators I also considered having a different animal at one point.

A SQUID! I thought of having a squid mianly because I wanted to show dexterity...but I still felt a bond with having an alligator.

On this page I started heading towards the current design (at the bottom) I wanted to incorporate my initials in the logo to make it

Then I sketched it up in flash!

I am really happy with the way it turned out but I have also been slowly making edits to it. Like on the business card version I changed WAS to a font the I have been using on my website

It's been really fun recreating my "brand" and rediscovering what I liked about this logo and design. Now I'm working on making different marketing material that I could present on other sites like my Tumblr and Twitter. And also just in time for SCAD Career Fair 2015 that I am very excited about attending!

Thanks for reading guys!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Way Way Update 2015

I graduated from  college about 7 months ago, and it has been frustrating trying to get my foot in the door in the Animation Industry. Of course I didn't expect it to be an easy task, or that studios and companies would be trying to flag me down when hundreds of other schools have thousands of graduates looking for jobs as well. I've have found that not being able to get any call backs or offers has slowly been effecting me creatively, and caused me to focus too heavily on my job search instead of trying to develop my skills. I have even applied to many positions outside of animation with no avail.  This constant failure has left me feeling depressed about my work and my life as a whole. But I don’t like feeling sorry for myself, and I have decided to take a retrospective look at the accomplishments that I have made in the last 7 months after graduation and record my goals for 2015, as well as long term goals for the next five years.

June 2014 - Aug 2014
  • I had not found any opportunities in my field for Summer however I took this time to work on my portfolio, apply for positions, and plan my move to NY in September.

Sept 2014
  • Moved to NYC
  • Called Studios, Applied to jobs, Applied to agencies

Oct 2014
  • Accepted an internship with Augenblick Studios
  • Continued to look for freelance opportunities

Nov 2014
  • Freelanced with FreshPlanet as a Designer and Animator
  • Continued the Augenblick Internship

Dec 2014
  • Networked at the Mill met a few other SCAD students and Alumni
  • Continued the Augenblick Internship
  • Tinkering a lot more with C4D
  • Re-branding myself for 2015 and preparing my portfolio for SCAD Career Fair 2015.

Jan 2014
  • Freelanced with Freshplanet as an Animator.
  • Interviewed for different positions including: Internship with Rauch Bros Studios, Social Media position with Iridium, Internship with Spontaneous, position with King Show Games.
  • Continuing to Re-brand and prepare my portfolio.

I thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon me, and as I look back at the accomplishments that I have made in the last several months, it makes me happy to know that I am experiencing what I am experiencing, and builds my determination to make 2015 the year that my career escalates even further. So with that in mind here are my goals for the upcoming year:

2015 Goals:

  • Attend CTNx 2015
  • Continue creating content to be posted online through social media
  • Building a web presence.
  • Network with other artists and studios
  • Build upon my skillset
  • Gain more experience in a production/ studio environment
  • Continue to enter my student film into festivals
  • Update blog regularly

As time moves on I hope to add and complete tasks on the list as necessary, and use these goals to become a better animator and Illustrator.

My long - term goals:

I aspire to be a Character Designer/ Animator/ Illustrator and in five years I hope to be working full-time designing and animating for games, television, and advertising. I hope to continue to use the goals I set for 2015 for upcoming years.

Thank you for reading! I I wish everyone a successful 2015