Monday, March 23, 2015

It's finally Spring!!

And it's still freezing here in NYC...

It actually snowed the first day of Spring which made everyone crazy!! Then the next day was 50 degrees of sunshine, melting away all the snow as if it had never happened.

I posted about my internship with Faculty last month, and the work hasn't held back. That is to say this month has been incredibly busy in the studio, specifically the project I'm on. We are supposed to finish by the end of the month so we've been pulling a lot of over-time hours. I even had to go in last Saturday to work! So between that and doing commissioned work I BARELY had time to do art for myself. But work is supposed to settle down pretty soon so I may be able to do more work of When Pigs Fly and other ideas I had rolling in my sketchbook during my commutes...


Here are some random doodles I have in my March folder:

less bad doodles to come

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