Friday, January 11, 2013

The Beginning - 2-D Animation Production

This quarter at SCAD I am enrolled in 2-D Animation Production. In this class students make a short film 15 - 35 seconds long using three shots. We’ve just finished first week, so we are in the Pre-Production stage of the filmmaking process, and I have had millions of ideas stream through my head! It’s a tough decision to take only one idea and have to stick with it for 10 weeks. But I think I may have a concrete idea of what I want.

When Pigs Fly” is a 15 second short that I produced in a week last quarter in Digital Cel Animation. I was hoping maybe I can use that concept, but make the animation A MILLION times better. That quarter we mostly use Adobe Flash, but this quarter we are being pushed towards ToonBoom (Which is great, because I know I will need the powerful knowledge of ToonBoom in the future). Or Animation Department should soon be getting ToonBoom Harmony which is exciting!

I will start processing some Visual Development soon...but I still want to explore other ideas. AS for NOW I am researching some looks I may be interested in having for whatever idea I choose.
A huge inspiration for my original “When Pigs Fly” was illustrator/animator
Sylvain Marc who has such beautiful art and animaton.

I will definitely have something fleshed out by the end of this weekend. It’s been horrible because I have been sick. Not the flu, but something sinus-y.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year / Painting Drama

   Happy New Year! 

So I haven’t really thought of any New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. I know it’s tradition, but I have other things on my mind! Things have been going pretty well, and I think that my 2012 Resolution pretty much has been fulfilled...I just have to continue fulfilling it! But my main goal this year is to get an Internship at Cartoon Network this summer. If not there, Titmouse or Frederator. Really excited!!

AAAnnd today I finally decided to enroll in Chris Oatley’s Painting Drama! I found his website around Thanksgiving and got really engulfed in it, then found the PaperWings Podcast and loved it. So, when I found out that he was offering a Painting Class I was inspired to enroll.  

So it is going to be an interesting year! SCAD classes start this Monday, and I am already ankle deep in work.


Contemporary Animation Society at SCAD is having there 24 hour Animation Competition! So I'll be happy to do that!

I leave you with this!!