Sunday, February 22, 2015

I gotta "BRAND" it to yah!

Sorry for the terrible terrible pun.....hopefullly I'll think of another title later  U__U;
So I haven't posted in about a month. I have been meaning to, but I've been really busy at my full-time internship with Faculty NY. They are a small studio in Dumbo, NY and I like working with the people there! The commutes a little long and I don't really have enough time to do anything but work and sleep XD But before I had no time to myself I did manage to re-brand myself & update the look of my promotional material!

Check out my Demo Reel :D

For a few years I have been exploring different designs that I felt represented who I am and the type of art that I like to do. Back in my 2012, before I took any sort of professional development class, I created this mess of a business card:

I loved the idea of having a silhouetted character as a logo, because silhouettes are a HUGE  part of character design and  I wanted to include idea in my branding. However this is before I knew anything about Typography or print design, so it's a very horrible looking mess! But I wanted to go back to this idea of a simple red/black/white design with a silhouette Alligator as my logo, because this was the first iteration of the way I felt about myself as an artist, so it has this raw, unaltered feeling of self for me.

But of course I couldn't use this little guy as my logo, as cute as he is, because he was designed out of naivete, so I decided to update him. But before I did any sketching I did a small branding exercise to understand who I am and what type of personality I want to come off with my logo which can be view here:

Then after making that list, I started sketch a bunch!:

I absolutely wanted to get a nice curvaceous croc look in the design and wanted to have nive positive and negative space. I remember being really inspired by the Talking Animals Studio logo

Profile picture for Talking Animals
....after drawing a bunch of alligators I also considered having a different animal at one point.

A SQUID! I thought of having a squid mianly because I wanted to show dexterity...but I still felt a bond with having an alligator.

On this page I started heading towards the current design (at the bottom) I wanted to incorporate my initials in the logo to make it

Then I sketched it up in flash!

I am really happy with the way it turned out but I have also been slowly making edits to it. Like on the business card version I changed WAS to a font the I have been using on my website

It's been really fun recreating my "brand" and rediscovering what I liked about this logo and design. Now I'm working on making different marketing material that I could present on other sites like my Tumblr and Twitter. And also just in time for SCAD Career Fair 2015 that I am very excited about attending!

Thanks for reading guys!