Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hey it's June....say whaaaat?


sosososo SOOOOOO much has happened.

…..okay maybe not that much. But YET SO MUCH! First off…I have started working full-time at Augenblick Studios!! :D I am working as a Production Assistant for the last couple weeks and so far has been fun experience! Golan the Insatiable, the show that I interned for at Augenblick back in Oct - February has finally aired on television and I got to experience seeing my name on TV credits for the first time ever! 

The studio had a premiere party and it was amazing to sit and watch how the show came together with the entire team watching. It’s such a fantastic feeling, to have been a part of the show, and I feel extremely blessed to be working full-time with the awesome peeps at Augenblick!

Other than the big news in my career mah-jig, I have also been apartment hunting in NY and soon to be moving into Brooklyn! Plus I have been working with friends on the side on a small project….that I can’t talk about at all! ;D

So between all this excitement I haven’t had a lot of time to work on personal work, which I feel terribly about because it makes me feel so uncreative and extremely tired (my current commute is 4 hours back/forth everyday U__U; ) However, I look at the work I am doing with Augenblick Studios, and the work I am doing with my friends and I feel so thankful... because I think back to my time as a Sophmore at SCAD praying that I’d be working at Augenblick, and wishing to be drawing/ and animating characters for a living. And though I am still really early in my career, I thank God that I have been able to get this far, and allow me to be living my dream! In the beginning it was tough. It still is pretty tough, but I know that it is all worth it!

I don’t know if anyone reads this, but thanks for reading. It’s kind of mushy but it’s really how I feel. Aaaaaand now I lost my train of thought….forgot what I started typing for! XD So I guess I post some stuff I’ve worked on in May! (Oh I just remembered that I graduated from SCAD a year ago last week….it seem so surreal to see the juniors before me now entering the industry! I’m SUPER proud of them!!)

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  1. Yaaaaayyyyy! Congrats on finding work, bud! Don't worry about finding time; as you acclimate better and better, you'll find little shortcuts that will free you up more and more. But it sounds like Life is good at the moment! Good for you, Buddy!