Friday, January 11, 2013

The Beginning - 2-D Animation Production

This quarter at SCAD I am enrolled in 2-D Animation Production. In this class students make a short film 15 - 35 seconds long using three shots. We’ve just finished first week, so we are in the Pre-Production stage of the filmmaking process, and I have had millions of ideas stream through my head! It’s a tough decision to take only one idea and have to stick with it for 10 weeks. But I think I may have a concrete idea of what I want.

When Pigs Fly” is a 15 second short that I produced in a week last quarter in Digital Cel Animation. I was hoping maybe I can use that concept, but make the animation A MILLION times better. That quarter we mostly use Adobe Flash, but this quarter we are being pushed towards ToonBoom (Which is great, because I know I will need the powerful knowledge of ToonBoom in the future). Or Animation Department should soon be getting ToonBoom Harmony which is exciting!

I will start processing some Visual Development soon...but I still want to explore other ideas. AS for NOW I am researching some looks I may be interested in having for whatever idea I choose.
A huge inspiration for my original “When Pigs Fly” was illustrator/animator
Sylvain Marc who has such beautiful art and animaton.

I will definitely have something fleshed out by the end of this weekend. It’s been horrible because I have been sick. Not the flu, but something sinus-y.

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